Luca Morellato - Front End Developer


I’m Luca. I am a Front End Developer based in Toronto, focused on building creative and accessible websites. I work with JavaScript, React, and have a passion for CSS. I have a deep curiosity about how things work, and that curiosity lead me to pursue coding. My need to understand the “how” has helped me problem solve in both my career, my hobbies, and while staying up to debug code all night. I am unreasonably obsessed with the desert, running, and modernist bungalows.

If you want to chat, email me at

skills include:

  • JavaScript

  • React Framework

  • HTML 5

  • Git and GitHub

  • CSS 3

  • Sass and SCSS

  • jQuery Framework

  • Firebase

a portrait of Luca Morellato infront of a concrete wall
A screenshot of Run Forecast Run website

Run Forecast Run

Skills used:ES6 | RESTful API | jQuery | Responsive | Pair Programming | Mobile First

This is Run Forecast Run. The last stop for a runner on the way out the door, giving you current weather based on the metrics that affect you mid-run. Behind the scenes this app fetches accurate coordinates using Google Places API and passes those through the Dark Sky API for up to the minute weather and two hour forecast. Pair Programmed in JavaScript and jQuery with Mikey Couture, go get some miles in!

a screen shot of hotdog road trip website

Hot Dog Road Trip

Skills used:ES6 | jQuery | Leaflet Map API | Responsive

Hot Dog Road Trip is a love letter to my favourite food. The website renders information to a map dependent on location. Using JavaScript best practises, this site is written to scale for future additions (more hot dogs). Mostly a fun way to explore JavaScript and jQuery; this was my first attempt at mixing my passions of food, web development and maps. Find your favourite Hot Dog!

Rest Stop Reviews

Skills used:React | ES6 | Firebase | Responsive

Rest Stop Reviews is a place to post, like and sort through user generated reviews of rest stops. Born from a love of ripping across the continent in my Subaru station wagon, the info on this website is stored on Firebase to be read or added to at any time and any place. This single page site is written in React.js and provided me with my first taste of interacting with databases. Post a review and start exploring!

a screen shot of Reststop Reviews Website
a screen shot of Garbage Sorter Website

Garbage Sorter

Skills used:React | ES6 | Pair Programming | RESTful API | Firebase | Responsive

Garbage Sorter is a multi-page collaborative React project. A group consisting of Em Roe, Eric Wing and myself created a website that allows users to track their weekly household waste production. Inputs are stored in Firebase so habits can be tracked long term. The website features use of the City of Toronto API so users can search 1000s of items to determine how to properly dispose of household waste.

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